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Birthday poll

slipjig needs an approximate headcount for the Scavenger Hunt for organizational purposes, and I apparently have to compose poetry for y'all, so here's a poll. If not attending, please just skip the first question.

I will be less planning-heavy soon. One of those things where once everything's in place, I can leave it for a while. And this is Highly Unusual for me, as birthdays go. It's just that LC and I wanted to have a bacchanalia, and slipjig and I wanted to have a truly epic scavenger hunt, and I could not choose, and - it's my birthday, so I can have a bunch of parties. *decisive nod* This won't happen every year, I promise. *grin*

EDIT: Yes, there will be post-scavenger-hunt socializing - a pajama party & bad movie marathon. :)

I can/wish to attend...

Fri. 2/29: Bacchanalia
Sat. 3/1: Citywide Scavenger Hunt!
Sun. 3/2: Brunch and programs (jewelry party, gaming, etc.)
Sat. 3/8: Reading of "Much Ado"
...and I require crashspace.

I cannot attend, but require a clicky button.

Please to be clicky-ing here.

Tell me something.

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