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(I have been out of the house all day; assume I haven't seen LJ comments/e-mails. My e-mail inbox is in prolapse, y'all.)

I have two (2) doctors' appointments tomorrow. The neurologist at 1:30, the rheumatologist at 2:30. (This is actually physically possible - nearby offices, and the neuro is very punctual.)

I have been quietly wigging out over these appointments, well,since I made them. These are both reschedulings from previously-cancelled or slept-through appointments. These are both "the doctor will not renew that prescription until he sees you" appointments. There's no way I can get out of this.

Oh, hey, there'll be snow tomorrow! Snow cancellation! Only an inch predicted. Crap.

I like these doctors, mind. Nice guys. I have no problem seeing them when everything's fine. But this is not an everything's-fine appointment.

1. I am going to ask my neurologist to let me dial down on my Lyrica dosage.
2. I am going to tell my rheumatologist that my current cocktail is clearly Not Working, ask him what else we can try, and give him the disability paperwork.

I. Don't. Like. Arguing with doctors about medications. *sigh*

The Lyrica... I've been seizure-free for over a year now, and I'm on a dosage of Lyrica that makes people-who-are-not-ariesd go "Seriously?", so I think I would be safe going down a bit. And... it's supposed to help with fibro, but clearly it's not. And it's a quality-of-life issue. I want to be less medicated.

The rest... well, Celebrex helps a bit. But it's the only real pain med I'm on. I have heard helpful things about Skelaxin.

Hate this. *fidget*
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