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Bacchanalia planning

I'm at lightcastle's; he's setting up his new laptop, and I'm roaming around poking at things, and it occurred to me that other people might be interested in how we're planning this thing. Also, some of you SCAdians may have helpful hints!

Going by Gastronaut:

On arrival: Guests will be greeted with a song and small gift, and have their feet washed.

Taking assembly: As symposiarch, I will introduce everyone - a poem explaining a little about each attendee is recommended, so RSVPing is important!

Anointment: Guests should anoint themselves with perfume. This will not be a problem.

Musicians, play!

Gustatio: primarily such things as olives, various pickled and vinegary vegetables, some spiced fruits, melon, fennel.

A small offering to the household gods.

Cena: Must see about getting a small pig from goddessfarmer. There will be pig. And chicken. And other, more esoteric meats. All prepared in the traditional fashion. (LC is dying to play with liquamen.)

Dancing, singing, wrestling, poetry! Spirited debate!

Secunda mensae: mainly fruits, dates, honey cakes, currant pastries, pomegranate seeds.
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