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My birthday approacheth! (And so does Elayna's!)

Friday, February 29: Full-on Roman bacchanalia, minus the vomitorium. Dress appropriately, and come prepared to debate philosophy, declaim poetry, sing, and leer at the serving-girls and serving-boys. Menu will be traditional, as researched by lightcastle. Applications to be a serving-girl or serving-boy should be directed to shadesong AT

Saturday, March 1: The First Annual ShadesongCon Scavenger Hunt! There will be fun and prizes! This is organized by slipjig, who will soon let us know more about his nefarious plans. After the Hunt, we will have pizza or bacchanal leftovers and watch terrible movies.

Sunday, March 2: Brunch and con-type programming. Programming ideas include Writing Marathon, meet & sniff, Wyrding Studios house party (Kyth, you guys available?), gaming, et cetera.

Crashspace is available, if you scan "crashspace" as "a place to put your airbed". We can fit at least four queen-size airbeds in here, more if we're really trying.

Birthday Segue
Saturday, March 8: An informal reading of "Much Ado About Nothing", with me as Beatrice and Elayna - next week's birthday girl - as Hero. Sign up here! (Note: Crosscasting is fine; we're already got a hot chick playing Claudio.)

Passing of the torch
Saturday, March 15: Elayna's birthday party, listed here because those of you whose kids hang out with Elayna ought to have it on your calendars. :)

You don't need to get me anything - your presence is enough. Especially with this huge crazy party - stuff like the scavenger hunt can't work without a bunch of crazy people! But if you really want to give me something:
* My wishlist.
* My other-stuff wishlist.
* Gift certificates to Wyrding Studios would be very nice, as I'd love a Shayara necklace, and kythryne has some great ideas for one. :)
* If you make things - something you made!
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