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Odin's Day

Still ouchy - about the same level as yesterday.

"Hey Elizabeth"
Hey, that one's been germinating for a while. It will be expanded - if you want to know what she does in years 8 and 9, PayPal me a few bucks! (If you've already PayPalled and want to see the complete story, just let me know.)

As I told feste_sylvain yesterday, there's more in there, clearly. I just - once it started coming out, I pretty much *had* to sprint to the finish line.

Thanks to sponsors australian_joe, jaycifier, peaceflower, themaskmaker, haikujaguar, brightlotusmoon, and... dulcinbradbury? I have $80. *nod* It's a start.

Wind Tunnel Dreams in general
I learn things as I do this, and what I am learning here is that I cannot force stories into a seven-day format. "Fortune" worked. "Them Apples" was not going to work - I was looking out the outline and saying "Y'know... no." And not all of the expandable ones need to be expanded, and if they do, they don't necessarily need to be expanded a) in that format or b) right now.

Besides, wouldn't you rather see something new? Because I like doing new things. Part of the exhilaration of Wind Tunnel Dreams in November was never knowing what was going to come next, visiting a different world every day (almost).

Let's let the stories happen as they will, and the ministories happen on the schedule.

Yes, there will still be expansions of November's stories, just not always.

So give me prompts!

Bit of Beauty
Future forest

Daily Science
10 Trailblazing Scientists About to Change Your Future.

Exercise - finish "Hey Elizabeth" - pharmacy (they shorted me on three prescriptions) - post office - lunch not-date - work on Seizure Lass.
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