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Bostonians! Much Ado!

On a lighter note...

So, I decided to have a three-day birthday party this year. :) Friday night's the bacchanalia (with traditional food by lightcastle, and poetry and dance and music!). Saturday's the citywide scavenger hunt. Sunday, we're doing con-like programming.

Well, wired_lizard has started doing living-room Shakespeare readings (I missed being Lady Macbeth this weekend). And I thought that would be perfect for Sunday. Alas, she can't do March 2, as she'll be at Intercon!


See, Elayna's birthday is March 15.

Why not link the two birthdays? With a mother/daughter Shakespeare birthday reading? Especially when said daughter conveniently already has a favorite Shakespeare play, and said play happens to have excellent parts for both mother and daughter?

So. March 8. My living room.

Much Ado About Nothing, with me as Beatrice and Elayna as Hero.

Wanna play? :)

This is not a formal Play; it's just a reading. Don't be intimidated! We'll have printouts for you. Also, there will be punch and pie.

Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon: lightcastle
Don John, his bastard brother: alethea_eastrid
Claudio, a young lord of Florence (favorite to Don Pedro): wired_lizard
Benedick, a young lord of Padua, favorite likewise of Don Pedro: mangosteen
Leonato, governor of Messina: feste_sylvain
Antonio, his brother:
Balthazar, servant to Don Pedro:
Two followers of Don John - Borachio (mllelaurel) and Conrad:
Two foolish officers - Dogberry (bluegargantua) and Verges:
A sexton:
A friar:
A boy:

Hero, daughter to Leonato: Elayna
Beatrice, niece to Leonato: shadesong
Two gentlewomen attending on Hero, Margaret and Ursula: alyveritya + sister?

Messengers, watch, and attendants:
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