Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Saturday Miscellany

* Happy Imbolc/Candlemas/Saturday!

* Got Elayna's report card, and it's not as bad as we expected. Turns out Italian's the only class she's tanking. Still all As and Bs elsewhere. Told her that her goal was simple and attainable: bring home a progress report showing no missing assignments, and she's off grounding. She's finishing her first Italian project of the new term right now.

* Monkey: "Remember back in the day - that "day" that never actually existed, but we all say it did - when we looked forward to the weekend, because that meant we could just chill?" **sigh** Yeah. Weekends for people who work at home = not so relaxing.

* Writing means never having a day off.

* Things will actually start to get easier in March, as that's when Shayara launches. Easier then? Why? Because I'll be mostly done loading the website with backstory and Easter eggs and can just write stuff.

* Had a difficult time getting into Wind Tunnel Dreams this morning, because I have another thing blocking my brain. It's like placenta previa, but with stories. This is "Hey Elizabeth", which is about what happens to discarded personae. It's not soup yet, though. If it was ready, I could just write it and *then* write WTD, but it's not, so I'm writing *around* it, plus I have wicked melancholy-type PMS.

* I blame fibro for the melancholy-type PMS. Before fibro, if I got PMS, it was the ragingly bitchy type. Now, I am ubersensitive to weather, air pressure, caffeine, and hormones. Now I get all weepy. Surprisingly, this does not make me any easier to deal with.

* I get to watch figure skating this afternoon and go to a party tonight. So. Melancholy-type PMS aside, it will be a good day.

* Dear "Hey Elizabeth": Figure out what you are. Poem? Story? If story, what? C'mon, spill, so I can get you out of my head and think straight.
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