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Today is On Notice.

* Can't find the packing tape. Because having a family means that things never stay where you put them. *eyes stack of untaped boxes that she was planning to take to the post office*

* Billing snafu = me on the phone with the cable company trying to figure out how we got charged for two months in the span of two weeks when we were supposedly paid in full.

* It is cold and rainy. Either of these by itself is not terrible. The combination is really irksome.

* And many more!

*glares at today*

I do not like it when my day is spent being frustrated at every turn and dealing with people on the phone and and and yes.


At least I got everything packed up to go. Including Elayna's adoption paperwork for my-uncle-the-lawyer to check out, which I can trot out to the post office if it ever stops raining.

Stuff is getting accomplished. Just not the stuff I want to accomplish.

I want a cookie.
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