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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to angryvixen!

Yesterday was a little rough, mostly later at night, with a non-winning combo of numbness and shooting pain. Today's just the usual deep-muscle aches.

Why I am so insanely difficult to make plans with this month
I will be in Arizona for a week, immediately following Boskone. *whimper*

For two separate projects:
* Someone who can draw in manga style.
* Weird info about Mars.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
I originally said "no Shayara" when I began the WTD project because I needed to stretch my brain in other directions. Now, with wanting to launch Shayara next week, I think I may want to do a Shayara WTD for February - because I need to stretch my brain back in that direction. :)

Yeah, February 1 is Friday. Yeah, I still have no clue what I'm going to write about. Watch me wing it in realtime!

Link Soup
* E-Paper Slap Bracelet: It's an MP4 player in which the entire surface acts as a thin, high contrast and energy efficient screen. As an added bonus it needs no charging -- it's powered by the kinetic energy produced by moving your arm.
* Museum of Organs.
* Wyrding Studios fans: Partner clueless? Give them a clue.

Daily Science

Aaaaagh. I dunno. I have writingy things to do, and also I have out-of-the-house errands, and these seem incompatible. If we've time, I might get to hang out with australian_joe this afternoon. Date night with feste_sylvain!
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