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I'm still sorting out Arisia stuff (and now I have Vericon stuff to sort out); be patient with me!

Okay. I had a lot of people at Arisia, some of whom I rarely see outside of con season, agree with me/suggest that we should get together for coffee/dinner/movie-watching/Shakespeare recitation/whatever. A lot. So help my poor brain and my GoogleCalendar.

If you wanted to see me/my family outside of the way we normally see each other (just Arisia/just Diesel/whatever), tell me what you've got in mind, when's good for you, and your e-mail address!

Coffee? Tea?

Please forgive the seemingly impersonal nature of this; for one, it's the economy of scale, and for another, brain damage. Anything that helps me retain info is good. And if I didn't want to hang out with you, I wouldn't be posting at all. (And I wouldn't have said I did. Because, y'know. Rude.)
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