Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Afternoon miscellany

You like the random, you'll get the random. Which is a relief; this space started as a way of communicating with friends, and that's the level I'd like to keep it on. When I start thinking too much about people possibly just wanting the fiction, I fret.

* I know which issue of Electric Velocipede my poem will be in now! #16. It'll be the World Fantasy edition. (I might have to go to World Fantasy now.)

* I am wearing wristwarmers sealgair made. They are fuzzy and warm and happy-making.

* When I was in the hospital in 2006 and Spooky came to stay with me, she was working on a big costuming project. Concentric circles of gorgeous glittery beads snug around central cabochons, all on a green-felt background.
One of her $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts to me was a wooden treasure box, bordered with shimmery coins - and, on top, one of those beaded pieces, pearls and copper and shells and skulls, blue and gold and green. She truly is a Pirate Queen. :)
This is one of the main features of my desk now. I look at it and smile fondly...

* I have an odd fascination with boxes. And drums. Anything defined by negative space.

* Max is doing well. He's moved entirely to wet food now - not sick, just spoiled! Got a taste of the good stuff, and isn't going back. But he's healthy, and not in pain.

* Something that happens every night: Adam goes to sleep before me, most nights. I take my meds, finish chatting with feste_sylvain, and go upstairs, change into my warm pajamas, and climb into my warm bed. Grab a book and read til my brain stops tracking. I don't have an outlet on my side of the bed, though, so I read my the staircase light - sit crosslegged with the covers over my legs and lean forward into light.
Invariably, Jack climbs up onto my back.
On good-body days, this is fine. It's actually rather nice. He walks up my back, sometimes perches on my shoulder, looks over and reads with me. Jack is secretly my cat, too, when all but one of the lights are out.
So when I put myself down to bed, I have Max and Tor-Tor at my feet, Jack usually on my chest. I wake up with Max snug against my belly, my side.

Life is good.
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