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Happy birthday to bikergeek, rubrchick, and stakebait!

Hello to new readers devoken and tristissima!

In recovery mode. The bodystress of Arisia and Vericon caught up to me on Saturday night. "Oh, you thought you could get away with that? Ha!" Felt like I was walking through quicksand, like I'd been flattened by a very large truck.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
February's Wind Tunnel Dream will begin on Friday! Which of the 30 Shards do you want to see expanded?

My financial goal for February was going to be the beginning of tuition for the Viable Paradise workshop - no, not Clarion, because room & board for Clarion is $4,000, and then there's airfare. VP is on Martha's Vineyard, so I can just take a train and a ferry, and it's under $2K. And it has pnh!

But my car's battery may be deceased (I won't know til I can get someone to try to jump it), so I have to prioritize that. *makes face*

If the battery's just drained and not dead, I'll set that tuition as my goal. If I don't get in (they only take 24 students), I'll apply that money toward the 'song-and-Elayna Summer Train Trip, which needs a catchier name. (I'm pretty sure my parents will pay for the School of Science.)

Bit of Beauty
Ninety-six printmakers of all experience levels, have joined together to produce 118 prints in any medium; woodcut, linocut, monotype, etching, lithograph, silkscreen, or any combination. The end result is a periodic table of elements intended to promote both science and the arts.

Link Soup
* Star Wars/Disney cartoon visual mashups.
* Mysterious sheep circle. o.O
* Steampunk Nerf guns!

Daily Science
What you know, and how it's different from what you remember.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Café Zazou: Edition Fête: Stop by Café Zazou after hours of shopping or a long day for their special house made tiramisu and their holiday coffee of the finest espresso with a little bit of Bailey’s and topped with their incredible mocha whipped cream. This will make even the grumpiest of grumps raise a wee smile.
In bottle: Sweet and alcoholic.
On me: OH HAI I AM BOOZE. Have I mentioned that I can't stand tiramisu? This would be why. If you like tiramisu and Bailey's, you'll love this. I smell like I've been on the losing end of a yuppie barfight.

The Cookie Plate: So the children have left a plate of some of your best baked cookies for the Père Noël, but luckily you can munch away when they are tucked in for what will be a very short night. (You just know they are going to wake up somewhere between 4-5am!) Sugar cookies, butter cookies, gingerbread cookies and oatmeal cream cookies. Now go to bed!
In bottle: Mmmm, warm cookies.
On me: Mmm, yes. Delicious fresh-baked cookies. This pleases me.

Cozy: Curl up with a book, blanket and maybe someone special like your cat or dog. This fragrance is a comforting frothy mug of chai tea.
In bottle: ...can't pinpoint it, but it's not very chailike til the aftersmell.
On me: Yeah. Tealike, but not spicy.

Heebee Geebees: What Heidi gave everyone just as they were about to leave and made them stay even later. More liquor! Hot buttered spice rum with some brown sugar and caramel syrup warmed into it.
In bottle: *wince* booooze...
On me: Booze. :( Was hoping for spice and brown sugar; alas, it is not to be.

Les Catacombes de Paris: Stone and earth, smoke and bone.
In bottle: Smoke.
On me: This is lingering smoke, smoke that still lives in stonbe after all life has gone. It's perfect for the name.

* Exercise.
* Flesh out "Ondine" for possible submission.
* Add three bits to the Shayara site.
* Transfer a bunch of stuff from the laptop to the desktop.

I may or may not have a meeting at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center tonight. Must poke people and ask. I'd just as soon not bus out to the office in this weather if I don't have to! :)
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