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Apparently the comics track I did for Arisia was well-received...

I am officially the Track Manager for the comics track next year. :)

(Another shiny ribbon! Geek plumage!)

I'll also be generating a list of teen interest panels. Essentially, we have a lot of kids graduating from Fast Track over the next few years - lots of young teenagers who don't really have a place there yet. So! Parents of young teenagers, what do your kids want? Things that would please Elayna:

* Anime/manga panel
* Storytelling and/or a writing workshop
* Something crafty
* Hands-On Science targeted to her age group
* Readings by YA authors
* Costuming - something more advanced than Kamikaze Kids
* YA-targeted gaming - something more complex than the Fast Track card games
* A LARP would be fantastic.
* A doing-what-you-love, following-your-dream thing - have pros talk to the kids about how to do what they love for a career.
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