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*posts with a wince and a smile*

Another Arisia pic. I don't like to be photographed, because I don't photograph well. But I let hughcasey take this one of me and feste_sylvain... I think this was between my reading and the Goblin Ball. And my hair is a mess because I forgot to pack my anti-frizz stuff, and my face looks weird here. But it's a great pic of feste_sylvain! So.

fireheart noted that I look much better in meatspace than in my pictures. This is true. I think it's partly because I am always in motion, and photos rarely capture the kinetic energy (yesterday's pic of Elayna excepted).

We have no pics just of me in the corset. I was nervous about being photographed, so when people asked to take my picture, I kept pulling Feste in. What? He was dressed up,too! It's a lovely corset, though. By Brute Force. And the dress, by Moresca, was my bridesmaid dress from dark_blade's wedding. Y'all, this is how amazing Moresca is: That dress fit me 50 pounds ago, and it still fits. Snug in the arms, but otherwise just fine. Stretchy velvet is wonderful. Also, I have broken the rules: I am getting further use out of a bridesmaid dress!

Cute moment: a little girl came up to me right around when this pic was taken, hanging out in the lobby. "I like that," she said, pointing to my dress, to the corset. "Thank you!" I replied, and complimented her on her tigery face paint. So cute.
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