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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to emilytheslayer!

Hello to new readers phenom_woman and zyxwvut!

Still dragged out.

Heath Ledger
May have been an accidental overdose, I hear. I hope so... (I was told that it was definitely a suicide. Info and misinfo flies fast.)

Link Soup
* How Email Brings You Closer to the Guy in the Next Cubicle
* Um. Is that a stuffed fuckable wombat with teeth in its butt?
* Katamari cake!
* I kinda really want an iRing.

Bit of Beauty
Fascinating pencil sculptures.

Daily Science
Any self-respecting child of the late 20th century would jump at the chance to overlay an electronic stream of information on their field of vision -- but when the idea's gone from science fiction to science, it's usually been more A/V club than Snow Crash. All that could change: witness a contact lens designed by electrical engineers from the University of Washington and presented yesterday at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' international conference on microelectro mechanical systems.

Sporting circuits a few nanometers thick and grain-of-sand-sized light-emitting diodes, the lenses have full Count Zero potential. They're also the product of some ingenious hackery: since contact lenses are delicate and circuit manufacture is hot and toxic, the researchers designed each component to attach itself only to certain other components. Their powder of circuits and diodes literally self-assembled into gadgetry when sprinkled onto the lens plastic.

So how long do geeks have to wait? According to the press release, a stripped-down display with just a few operational pixels could be available "fairly quickly." More complicated lenses will take longer, but for good reason: they'll be wireless-enabled and powered by a combination of radio waves and solar energy.

Daily BPAL

Old Moon: evergreen, juniper, winterberry holly, bayberry, Viking black chokeberry, hemlock, and yew, ice-rimed, gilded by traditional lunar herbs and flowers.
In bottle: Yep. Trees and cold. Winter forest.
On me: Juniper pops at first, but then in melts back in with the rest of the trees. I don't get any berries. Just trees. Silent cold forest night.

Aquarius: Wisteria, myrrh, anise, galbanum, bryony, and pomegranate.
In bottle: The myrrh blends weirdly with the flowers. Pomegranate lurks.
On me: Mmm. Anise steps up. Myrrh. Subtle floral.

Hastur: Smoky-sour labdanum, black patchouli, wet tobacco, and brimstone.
In bottle: Smoky-sour indeed! Also brimstone. This smells like my daughter's cat.
On me: Brimstone gone. Nothing but labdanum.

Ligur: Dry olibanum, black moss, soggy ti, khus, and opoponax.
In bottle: Opoponax smells like burning.
On me: Combines with everything else to be very interesting indeed. Dark and mossy. Rich.

* Clean up this damn house.
* Get a spot of exercise.
* Work on The Things We Value and Seizure Lass.
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