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Arisia Breakdown

Aaaagh zomg I am so tired.


So! Arisia! I shall tell you about it.

Friday's never quite a full day. We got there, we checked in and got registered, we hugged people we only see once a year, we ran around like crazy people.

Panel: Myth & Folklore in Fantasy: Hm. Well. See, the program precis described this panel as being about myth and folklore in modern fantasy. My fellow panelists apparently had different ideas, and the panel derailed to a discussion of the origins of common myths. Which is fascinating, but it isn't what I was thinking it would be, so it took me a bit to get fully into it. Y'know, it's like taking a sip of what you thought was root beer and getting a mouthful of Coke. You like Coke. But, see, your brain was prepared for root beer. So you are like "?!?" for a minute before you are like "oh, hey, Coke, okay. I can roll with this."

Ziggurat Labs Pajama Party: This. Was. Fantastic. mangosteen and lifecollage throw a hell of a party, and I was inordinately pleased that they'd chosen to include and welcome kids for the first portion of the party. Elayna and I met at the room at 8 and changed into pajamas (her: monkeys, me: penguins), and we hightailed it up to zigguratlabs, which was crawling with babies, toddlers, a few older kids, and lots of kid-friendly adults. This was Elayna's first real Arisia party, and she was so happy and felt so included in our community. I really can't stress enough how powerful that was. The highlight of her evening? She was sitting on a chair, and a roving toddler walked up and handed her a book with an expectant look - the universal "tell me a story!" gesture. She soon found herself surrounded with wee folk, and was beaming as she read. lifecollage's storytelling later was lots of fun, too - yarr!

Drum Circle: Finally got to see asim dance, and hear feste_sylvain drum. Double yay. *drifts off to happy place*

Got my new corset! An exchange, due to Extenuating Circumstances with the old one. This is much more me - deep shimmery green flocked with glittery velvet. Fits like a dream. No boob shelf! hughcasey took pictures. (As did someone I don't know. Must stalk Flickr.)

Panel: Hands-On Science for Kids: Science experiments with kids ranging from kindergarteners to preteens - optics, gravity, and much more. And! We did the Mentos-and-Diet-Coke thing! All of the kids got to drop two Mentos into a 20oz bottle of Diet Coke and See What Happened; I got to throw six into a two-liter. Big boom! :) ian_gunn's the real rock star behind this one.

Aaaand I crashed. Somewhere in the roaming of the halls. The guys had to escort me back to my room to nap - I was listing, feste_sylvain said. Verra wobbly. Kinda babbling. Just one of those occasions where I lost all of my spoons - boom. Sudden and total. Was exhausted enough to sleep in my corset!

Panelesque: LJ Meetup: Much better than in previous years, because there was room for it. Alas, I was not entirely awake for the first part of it. Guys brought coffee, and I slowly hauled myself back up to something resembling functionality. Good to see everyone, though. The highlight of that? bikergeek coming up to me... and going totally Valley Girl. "Omigawd! You have a LiveJournal?"
Me: "Omigawd, yeah! You too?"
Him: "Yeah!"
Me: "Omigawd, you should totally friend me!"

Panel: Surprise Mini-Story Writing Challenge: Ah, the single worst part of the con, save for the elevators. *sigh* See, I have been having this problem. My desktop computer claims to be out of space. I have deleted lots of stuff, but still it makes this claim. This is extra problematic because my laptop's overfull. Really, I just need to a) solve the desktop's issue and b) move a lot of music over from the laptop to the desktop. Also! The laptop's having a few problems. A) It shuts itself off when not plugged in. With no warning. The battery runs out swiftly and erraticly. B) MS Word has been acting up like whoa. C) It has space issues too.
Prompts are tossed out, and one is assigned. We all get to work on our stories. Typy typy type, and also type. It is fun. I'm really getting into mine. Cool, last few sentences...
It hangs up. Little whirly thing of death. It crashes. Story gone. And no time to write anything else. I was completely and utterly screwed, and kinda wanted to throw up or cry or both. So I braved it out, explained what had happened; people were sympathetic, and zlana and feste_sylvain reassured me later that I handled it like a pro, that you couldn't tell how utterly crushed I was. I got through the rest of the panel and got to my room, had a good cry with feste_sylvain, and pulled myself together. We bumped into primal_pastry by the elevators, and I went out to dinner with her, not-Porkchop, felisdemens, we_happy_few, and their friend J. Zaftig's matzoh-ball soup and a potato pancake - Jewish comfort food. Riotous laughter with the Queen of Snark - just what I needed.

Ziggurat Labs Arisia Science Fair: Hell of a good party. Hell of a good party. Mad props to the mad scientists of zigguratlabs! The only flaw is that it was a little too well-attended; very hot, very stifling. But really, people were spread out as much as they could be, and it was way too cold out to open the windows. I discovered that I do not like rum, and I have a souvenir test tube.

Ah... my day off! I spent Sunday all snuggly with the guys and roaming the halls. This was my Dealer's Row day. I got away with just a few books and a ring. Mostly because Pandemonium wasn't taking credit cards. :)
As the day rolled on, I quite predictably started to get nervous about my reading. Keep in mind that this is my First Reading Ever. Will anyone come? Will I suck? eustacia_vye calmed me as best she could, laced me into my corset, and brought me to get my face painted (glittery vines). I had a cup of sake. We walked the labyrinth, us and (separately) kythryne and Amy. And I went forth to read.

Reading: I. Was. Petrified. But actually, it went quite well! I way overestimated the amount of material I'd need. By about five times. I led with wind from Wind Tunnel Dreams, gave the Nickel Tour of Shayara and Katrina's story, and launched into Fortune - with a little help from my friends. I read the fortune-teller's part, and had other people read the other parts. eustacia_vye was an excellent Galen and serpent-girl, joyeous took on the Queen of Air and Darkness with style, avivasedai brought the sphinx to life... Elayna was touching as the mangrove nymph/mermaid. And feste_sylvain had a *tremendous* amount of fun as the Ringmaster. My only regret? I didn't have time to read the jewel-queens and their intersection with the grandmother. Shall have to do that at Boskone.
Emerged from the reading victorious and massively relieved. Had chicken fingers. Yum.

Labyrinth/Goblin Ball: Um, no. This was billed as a Goblin Ball, with gobliny antics. It was Yet Another Regency Dance. Which is fine for what it is, but call it what it is. I waited far too long for the much-ballyhooed goblinitude, then turned to feste_sylvain and said "Bored now."

LARP: Clue, Impaired: See, I don't LARP. Seriously. But I got pulled in my wired_lizard and mllelaurel's desperation and wild hope - they did not have enough players. So okay. I committed to the LARP. Two hours, ten to midnight.
...yeah. Try ten to almost 2 AM. Oy gevalt.
That aside? I had a blast. This was a cross-fandom LARP with plot elements like those of Clue, one of my favorite movies. I played Violet, the Rose-from-Doctor Who character, and feste_sylvain played Harry Trotter. ;) I will not give anything away here, as they may run it again at A Con Near You. But it was most excellent, and I had a fantastic time. :)

Woke up with no voice whatsoever. Caffeinated. Breakfasted in the Green Room.

Panel: Misogyny in Comics: Women in the refrigerator, Spoiler tortured to death, that Heroes for Hire cover... this was an hour full of intelligent and articulate people speaking passionately about how the Big Two have gone off the rails, and talking about what needs to change and how we can make change happen.

Panel: LiveJournal and SixApart: Discussing the Meltdown: Yay, more intelligent and articulate people speaking passionately! This one will continue on arisia.

Had an hour or so if wandering and saying goodbye. And now we are home. A good day to end the con. Great panels. Very energetic... til I got home. Now I'm half-asleep.

Mad props to the people who make things happen - jmspencer's l33t tech sk1llz. tamidon, rosefox, and sinboy for Awesomeness in Food. persis for providing yet another fantastic Fast Track.

...everyone. Everyone who took care of me and reminded me to eat and snuggled me and came to my reading; everyone who was excellent to me, and thankfully, there are too many to name. And I go boom down now.

EDIT: And this version is so condensed, you don't even know. Cons pack months' worth of emotional impact into a weekend. I am still disoriented.
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