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Happy first day of Arisia!

The cough/postnasal drip is almost gone. Condition is holding in the "acceptable" range.

At the urging of pretty much everyone around me, I'm dropping a third of my programming for Arisia - basically, Sunday. Still doing the reading! But everything else I was doing on Sunday, I was not a moderator or particularly critical panelist for. So basically, now I have Sunday as a day to rest, some time to breathe between the rigors of Saturday and Monday.

Current Schedule, with panels in bold and stuff I wanna do otherwise in italics:
Friday 7 PM: Myth & Folklore in Fantasy
Ziggurat Labs pajama party
Drum Circle

Saturday 1 PM: Hands-On Science for Kids
Saturday 5 PM: LJ Meetup
Saturday 6 PM: Surprise Mini-Story Writing Challenge
Ziggurat Labs Arisia Science Fair
Sunday morning: Brunch with avivasedai
Sunday 7 PM: Reading
Labyrinth/Goblin Ball
Monday 11 AM: Misogyny in Comics
Monday noon: LiveJournal and SixApart: Discussing the Meltdown

As for panels I'm not on that I'm likely to go to - no clue yet. Will look at the schedule this afternoon.

I hate the word "can't", specially applied to me. But the facts are these: there are things that my brain and body can no longer do. Sometimes it's that they can't do them right now; sometimes it's more of a never-again, irrevocably-broken thing.

And I have not been able to adjust to that. Because all my life, my response to "can't" has been "the hell I can't," and I plow through and emerge triumphant. So when I come across an irrevocable, non-negotiable can't, it throws me for a loop. It reminds me.

I shouldn't need to be reminded. I have exercise equipment, sore-muscle rubs, the Thera-Cane - I have reshaped my life around the accoutrements of pain and fatigue. I have notebooks, chalkboards, whiteboards, LJ posts with stored info to compensate for my short-term memory being wonky. Its not like I don't know.

But there's a difference between knowing and Knowing. And every time I get slapped in the face with a Can't, it takes me a few days to readjust, and to remind myself that my life is not entirely full of Can't.

I have had a few Can'ts lately. Almost all physical. (None writing, thank goodness, not since having to reformulate Shayara.) Have had them, have had the desperate few days of "YES I CAN," and am now on the moving-on stage.

There are some things I can't do.

But there's a hell of a lot that I Can do.

Link Soup, politics version
* While the sword President Bush had slung over his shoulder like a clump of Crawford scrub wasn't specifically an executioner's sword -- in the same way a looped and knotted length of rope isn't specifically a hangman's noose or a Teflon-coated hollow-point bullet isn't specifically a cop-killer -- the resemblance was striking enough to send a message that the United States -- the "shining city on the hill" or whatever the hell Saint Reagan called it -- is willing to toss aside its commitment to human rights, justice and democracy in order to sniff the taints of our true global masters: the House of Saud which, last year, conducted at least 136 public beheadings in these so-called Chop Squares.
* As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee aggressively pushed for the early release of a convicted rapist despite being warned by numerous women that the convict had sexually assaulted them or their family members, and would likely strike again. The convict went on to rape and murder at least one other woman.
* The candidate says he wants to unite the country. But in a 1998 book, Huckabee was a fierce culture warrior, equating environmentalism with pornography, homosexuality with necrophilia, and nonbelievers with evildoers.
* Where the candidates stand on six science questions.

Link Soup, now with 100% less politics
* In Soviet Latvia, design makes you!
* The Internet Party. This cracked me up.
* Lovely poem via Jonathan Carroll.

Daily Science
Beating heart created in laboratory.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Disturbingly floral pajamas.
Reading: Take Joy, by Jane Yolen; The Canon, by Natalie Angier; Idolon, by Mark Budz.
Writing: Shayara stuff, mostly - character bios, story snippets to hide in unexpected places.
Planning: That, you know.

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