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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to the fabulous manifestress!

Okay today. Yesterday I was laid low by massive fatigue/fibrofog. :( But I think I'm recovered enough for the rigors of this weekend now.

Jewelry Pimpage
Okay, so sihaya09 has reopened her Etsy store, Sihaya Designs. (This is my favorite new piece.)

A while back, I pimped sihayastudio's Etsy store, Sihaya Studio. (This is my favorite new piece over there.)

So. Sihaya Designs = sihaya09. Sihaya Studio = sihayastudio. Two different people.

Both of them do excellent work. I have a labradorite necklace by sihaya09 (and Elayna has a bracelet); I want a replica of sihayastudio's Princess Collar.

For additional Arisia jewelry pimpage: parrish_relics will be there with her gorgeous jewelry. I don't think kythryne will be there, but you should shop from Wyrding Studios anyway because her stuff is amazing.

Honestly, I need to just sell all of the jewelry I own that's *not* made by people I know. :)

Online registration ends at noon today. If you're planning on going and haven't gotten your tickets yet, do it now. They're running low. And there's no guarantee that you can get 'em at the door.

Link Soup
* The Library of Congress has put over 3,000 photos from their collection on Flickr. Fascinating.
* The men's guide to having sex with cars. You read that right.
* Via kires on Gchat: The Disintegrator. Most badass rubber-band gun evar.
* Alas, the Justice League movie is no more.

Daily Science
Earthquake-prediction techniques could help develop a way to forecast epileptic seizures, according to research which found striking similarities between the electrical activity in the brain before and during seizures and seismological data around earthquakes.

Both are usually preceded by small, barely detectable tremors and, as with an earthquake, the longer it has been since a seizure, the longer it will be until the next one. According to scientists, these shared features mean that the patterns are not random and could even be governed by similar mathematical rules.


Daily BPAL

SEA OF TRANQUILITY: Silver-dusted lotus, white amber, rose otto, passion flower, white sandalwood, buttonweed, and white poppy.
In bottle: Candy lotus, fruity passionflower, amber.
On me: Same. Yummy!

TANUKI: A scent of hedonistic, uninhibited joy: bamboo reed, plum blossom, persimmon, magnolia, black pine, sweet osmanthus, flowering cherry, mandarin orange, wisteria, and yuzu.
In bottle: Pine and plum blossom.
On me:Something plasticky. :(

CAPRICORN 2007: Solomon's Seal, pine, amaranth, ambrette, cypress, wild tobacco, and hemp.
In bottle: Mmmm, trees.
On me: Mmmm, trees.

HONY MONE: Three honeys blended with seven fruits, flowers, and herbs of passion, pleasure, and joy: honeysuckle, fig, carnation, apricot, jasmine, tonka, and almond.
In bottle: Ugh! Something horrible. Jasmine.
On me: Ugh ugh ugh! I get the fig, but it's buried under the jasmine.

Have to meet asim at the airport (no one can drive me, right? I'm planning on just taking the T) at 10. After that. *evil grin*
And, um, after that, Arisia prep. Mostly choosing what to read at my reading - I want a good mix of Wind Tunnel Dreams, Shayara, maybe placesyouhaunt. Any interest in nonfiction? I could do part of Seizure Lass or Walking on Water. And I have to pack and make sure Elayna packs.
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