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Con planning crap, PLEASE READ if attending any local cons!

Ah, con season - when I see a few hundred friends and acquaintances I only see one weekend a year. As such, I wish to remind you of a few things and get some info.

The Most Important Thing to Remember
I have a chronic pain condition that flares under stress (read all about it!), even good stress. Even on a good day, it's a bad idea to be massaged by someone who doesn't know how to handle fibro. And Arisia is full of well-meaning people who like to come up behind me and start rubbing my shoulders.

Those are the points that, if pressed, cause even more pain. Please note that some of those are right where one would rub my neck and shoulders.

So. I hate to be harsh about this. But really. DO NOT rub my shoulders or, when hugging me, my back. Those flares of pain can be debilitating. One massage enthusiast on Friday could take me out for the whole con. So basically? No touchy. Generally, it's also a good idea to ask before giving a firm hug, too. Gentle hugs are almost always okay.

Care and Feeding of Shadesong
* Bringing me coffee is always a good idea. Chai is better yet.
* The con is hectic, and I get overwhelmed. Asking me if I've eaten yet is a good idea, too.
* Also, if I'm clearly out of it? Asking if I should go nap is also a good idea. Fibrofog means that sometimes when I'm clearly spaced the hell out, my brain isn't up to making the leap of logic that would lead me to realizing I need a nap.


Oh hai, I'll be at Arisia/Vericon/Boskone, and you should have my phone number.

* Please answer this poll even if you know that I already have your phone number. I don't bring my phone book to cons, I just run this poll every year, print out the results, and carry that. If you do not answer this, I will not have your phone number. I *might* be carrying Elayna's cell phone. (No, I still don't have one of my own. Because cons are the only time I need one, that's why.)
* I'm not as faceblind as Adam, but the con is hectic. If I'm not saying hi, it's only because I'm visually overwhelmed and my brain is skimming over you when I'm staring bugeyed at the crowd. Please come up and say hi!


Friday 7 PM: Myth & Folklore in Fantasy
Saturday 1 PM: Hands-On Science for Kids (with ian_gunn)
Saturday 6 PM: Surprise Mini-Story Writing Challenge (with kradical)
Sunday noon: Hands-On Science for Kids II (with ian_gunn
Sunday 2 PM: LiveJournal and the Nature of Community
Sunday 6 PM: No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics
Sunday 7 PM: Reading
Monday 11 AM: Misogyny in Comics (with Adam and asim)
Monday noon: LiveJournal and SixApart: Discussing the Meltdown (with hughcasey)

If all goes as planned, I'll hit the hotel Friday afternoon. I'm available for early dinners on Friday and Sunday and dinner at 7 on Saturday, lunch on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and Monday. I'm probably going to the drum circle on Friday and the Labyrinth/Goblin Ball on Sunday; don't know what else. Depends how I feel!

But your best chance to see me and hang out with me will be at that reading.

Can you tell I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by this?
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