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Arisia Party Pimpage

Quoting from the brilliant minds behind Ziggurat Labs:

Yes, it's true. A new player in the fields of social research and volatile liquids science will hold its opening receptions at Arisia 2008. Ziggurat Labs is a joint venture of scientists from a variety of fields, coming together to pursue lines of inquiry into chemistry, physics, and social networks, integrated with a hint of philosophy and art. We ask you to join us for two events over the weekend, to celebrate the new year and new adventures in SCIENCE!

On Friday night, we'll be having a Pajama Party. Cocoa and cookies, mulled cider and silk! Come and meet the staff of the Labs in a low-key social environment, and a few experiments in thermodynamics. We'll have family-friendly hours from 7:30-8:45, with a bedtime story from our Chief Operations Officer at 8:30. From 9pm on, please feel free to wear your silk or satin PJs for a more adult environment.

On Saturday night, we are proud to present our main event: the Arisia Saturday Night Science Fair! Join the staff of Ziggurat Labs as we delve in to the mysteries of LIQUID SCIENCE!!! Experiments include the Vokda Filtration Station, the Specific Gravity of Alcohol Display and Bar, "Will It Blend?" drink demos, the "Can You Take the Heat?" flavor station and everyone's favorite...Rocket Fuel! Please seek out Labs staff (look for IDs with the Ziggurat logo!) for invitations to this 21+ event. Experiments commence at 8pm and conclude at 2am.

As many of you know, it takes a lot of capital to bring together the kind of parties Ziggurat Labs is envisioning for Arisia 2008. Sadly, there isn't much government funding for research labs of this nature...!

For those who would like to help defray some of the costs, we will have a collection jar gratefully accepting on-site donations. HOWEVER, for those who would like to help out in advance, we have a special incentive: Individuals donating $10 or more by 6pm EST on Thursday, January 17, 2008, will receive a special customized Ziggurat Labs party badge with your choice of staff title! (Note: The positions of "President" and "COO" are already filled.) Badges may be picked up from lifecollage at Ziggurat Labs headquarters during regularly scheduled party hours.

PayPal button is here.

(Note: I am not a member of the core crew of Ziggurat Labs, though my research is loosely affiliated (read: this is mangosteen and lifecollage's show, but I chipped in, so I get a staff badge - what title should I use?), so I won't be working at these parties, but I will be swooping in and attending. These will be the best parties at Arisia. Seriously.)
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