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Happy birthday to michele_blue!
Hello to new reader stealthcello!

Feeling much improved.

Writing Retreat
Did get some writing done, but not as much as hoped for due to nap. >.< But I got a *lot* of outlining and summarizing done - and told feste_sylvain pretty much the entire story of Shayara over dinner, which helped tremendously, because it helped put me back in exposition-dump frame of mind, seeing how I could most seamlessly deliver this information. Which is good, because it's the first thing I have to do for Shayara.

The "retreat" aspect of "writing retreat" was equally important. It removed me from my surroundings, calmed me; it was like taking a deep breath. Helped me prioritize this swirling cloud of projects.

I'll get there one of these days. Retreat was more important.

Bit of Beauty
Japanese artist Enoki Chu made this fine looking piece of art entirely out of polished metal junk, including drill bits, machine parts, and others. The whole piece looks like a futuristic cityscape and has a diameter of 15 feet and stands 11 feet tall.

Link Soup
* Tony Bourdain interview!
* The Utne Reader Guide to salons, councils, and study circles.
* 19th-Century neurosurgical instruments.

Daily Science
One of the greatest challenges neurologists face is successful delivery of drugs to the brain. This is because a special filtering layer of tissue, called the blood brain barrier, protects the brain and spinal cord. The barrier acts like a molecular sieve, allowing only properly sized molecules through. This means that any medication needing to reach the brain (for example, to kill a brain tumor) needs to be small enough, and even then, it is difficult to target the drug to specifically reach the brain.

Kumar and his colleagues from Harvard Medical School have developed a potentially revolutionary drug delivery method, taking advantage of a known master infiltrator of the brain: the virus responsible for rabies, also known as the rhabdovirus.

Daily BPAL
ZOMGUpdate. o.O I have restrained myself. Threw an imp-pack of the new GCs in with my Blood Phoenix/Mechanical Phoenix bottle order, and ordered decants only of the stuff I'm pretty sure will work on me, and only of the new stuff; I love Red Lantern and Luperci, but I still have some left from last year.

Calliope: lavender and bright mint with bergamot, verbena, thyme and a touch of sweet orange and warm almond.
In bottle: Very fresh and herbal - lavender and thyme with mint.
On me: Handfuls of lavender, undercurrents of the rest. Pretty. Pastoral.

Euterpe: carnation and white poppy, honeysuckle, lemon, iris and white musk.
In bottle: Honeysuckle, sharp carnation, lemon.
On me: Lemony flowers.

Polyhymnia: Orris root, white sage, rowan bark and red sandalwood, with myrrh, rosemary, lemon balm and honeysuckle.
In bottle: Trees and roots.
On me: Lemony roots.

Urania: Moonflower, Moroccan jasmine, benzoin, white musk, iris, moss and a flash of ozone.
In bottle: Moonflower and benzoin.
On me: Yep.

Jump on that Shayara exposition. Adam and Elayna have a snow day, so there are things I can't do - too self-conscious to practice violin in front of anyone else yet! But I fully intend to lock myself in my office and get my writing done.
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