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In Memory
Today would have been my_catharsis's birthday. *lights candle*

Happy birthday to my crazy little brother, farren!
Happy early birthday to amokk and waterotter, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers bec76 and plutopsyche!

Still coughing my lungs and throat to tatters. Still a delicate flower.

To Flea or Not To Flea?
I have a huge stack of writing projects that I need to make major progress on by Arisia, then by Vericon. I have only three writing days before Arisia, if I do the Flea. Remember that these are very short "days".

My attempts to write through the presence of the interrupting kids and ringing phone yesterday made me seriously homicidal, and I got fuck-all done.


Definitely no Flea tonight. We'll see about dropping in tomorrow if I feel well and make decent progress on my to-do list today (also, we need to drop Elayna off at ian_gunn's daughter's birthday party, which she wouldn't have been able to attend if I was at the Flea all weekend) - but the current plan is for feste_sylvain and I to have a two-person hotel-bound writers' retreat. (And kinky sex. Just 'cause I'm not going to the Flea doesn't mean I'm not having kinky sex.)

Interesting articles on publishing
* Trends in 2008
* Using Kindle to beta-test a novel

Bit of Beauty
Gorgeous fractal art!

Daily Science
Two old stars may be undergoing a second episode of planet formation, long after their initial window of opportunity.

Daily BPAL
Hey, I can smell again!
The Oval Portrait: Gentle beauty and innocent devotion: honeysuckle, carnation, stargazer lily, bluebonnet, vanilla musk, and rice flower.
In bottle: Honeysuckle's sweetness and the papery note of riceflower.
On me: The sweetness shoots right off my arm. This has amazing throw. A cloud of honey-vanilla with light, unobtrusive floral. Nice!

Premature Burial: Oppressive darkness, expressed through black orchid and patchouli, smothered by wet soil, a coffin's teakwood, and the funereal gloom of cypress.
In bottle: Wet soil, damp wood.
On me: Aw, it went away. The woods muffle all of that lovely dirt. Faint plasticky note.

Prospero: There was beauty, there was wine: a rich Sangiovese vintage swirled through opulent amber, rich plum, champaca flower, and arrogant white musk.
In bottle: Pllllum.
On me: Plllum in fruity red wine. Yum. Oh, there's the amber and champaca. Lush!

Spirits of the Dead: A shuddering white scent, of ghostly breath and stony silence: dry tea leaf, linden blossom, papyrus, orris and coffin wood.
In bottle:Something weirdly citrusy.
On me: Same. Ech.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Sock monkey PJs.
Reading: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman, Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, Sin in the Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's Soul by Karen Abbo.
Writing: Shayara, the jewel-queens' daughters' story, possibly a story about Lara as a young teenager on her new planet. Editing "Fortune" and expanding "Heritage Breed".
Planning: Well, that all depends, as previously stated...
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