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In an effort to get all of the Shayara stuff collated, to get the master list of characters together, I am going through *piles* of old binders and stuff. Suffering a lot of "I cannot believe I named a character that" moments, let me tell you. Although seeing the evolution of the Kirayth is fun.

But the capper is this - I found a bunch of notes I'd apparently scribbled on a Books-A-Million flyer. When I worked there. In high school. Descriptions of one group of characters. And, being a high school girl, I clearly found it very important to note where each character apparently shopped.

Okay, number one - I don't think most of these stores even exist anymore, if they ever existed outside of South Florida to begin with. (Case in point - Ziggy Boutique, the hottest clothing store in about a 20-mile radius of Davie, FL for about 5 minutes in the mid-to-late '80s.)

Number two - I made one of my characters shop at Chess King.

Chess King!
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