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WTD: Fortune

Have written the epilogue and e-mailed it to all sponsors of Fortune and all previous sponsors who said they wanted it (save gows - need e-mail address!); if you want it and it is not in your inbox, it's either because I screwed up my tagging and did not tag your donation as WTD when it came in, or because you're a sponsor of November's WTD and didn't tell me you wanted this. (EDIT: Or because your PayPal address is a spam-trap; gie me an alternate address if it is!)

It's not too late to sponsor and get it. Or to let me know you'd like to see it, if you were a November sponsor.

It is my favorite part of the story. It's what was in my mind... not from the beginning of writing Fortune, but from near the beginning. After I found the structure, and when I knew that the serpent-girl was emerging as the character to follow...

All of Fortune was just prologue for Susan. Her life begins when she unlocks her collar and walks away.

And I could write a book about her life after, and maybe someday I will. But now sponsors know, at least.

The End.
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