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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to tablesaw and jaded_dreamer!

Hello to new reader wyldwoods!

Spent most of yesterday under blankets, shivering, at 102 degrees. Today I am not shivering and at a far more reasonable 97.8. Less sinus pain, too. The challenge now is to not overdo just because I feel a little bit better.

I've been flailing a bit regarding the direction of Shayara, so I asked haikujaguar for a Balance Card reading.

How about... the Forest?

The Forest is already filled with trees. Large ones and small ones also. You enter it and are surrounded by it, and it is its own context.

It might be a website, but it's still a story. Start it at the most exciting point for us. We can return to back-story later... the web makes that easy.

And she's right, of course. I'm still thinking in terms of writing a print comic. The web changes everything. I don't *need* to have the Katrina and Jessa prologues up before the main story - yes, they're important segments of the story, but I can weave them in later. The context you need about the world and its people does not need to be spelled out; I don't need to spoon-feed you. It'll be available in the glossary, in the Library texts, just a click away. I don't *need* to go exposition-crazy.

I can just slam you right into the story.

I'm thinking that, to be sanest, I should aim to have it up on my birthday - March 2. It'll be the big Sunday morning event of Shadesongcon! I'll have storybits and other goodies up on the site and the forum before that... there's one treat going up for Arisia that's already set to go. But I have a *lot* to get set up. (Artists, expect to see a big list of projects!)

Wind Tunnel Dreams
* I think my head's clear enough to write that epilogue today.
* Excellent comments in the "why do you sponsor" post.

More Cyberfunded Creativity!
aaronace is posting stunning art for donations. (Aaron did a fantastic portrait of young Janos for me. You'll see it soon.)

* Wind Tunnel Dreams epilogue
* Figure out what character art and other art I need to launch where I want to launch
* Call Social Security (oh hai I can has disability lawyer)
* drink fluids
* and more! but not enough to overstress my body.
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