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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to beloved dark_blade, and to kylakae, theicequeen, and faelad!

Hello to new reader sythyry!

Slightly better off than yesterday. The snot goblins are holding steady.

Quotes of the Day, via Rob Brezsny
"You have everything you need in the present situation to work with impeccability. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't work toward manifesting additional resources and opportunities. It does mean that the present situation supplies you with everything you need to take the next step."
- Jonathan Zap, "A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler"

"Art that doesn't attempt the impossible is not performing its function."
-William Butler Yeats

And via Jonathan Carroll, emphasis mine
I am not interested in writing that isn't obsessive. Who is? We're all drama queens in the end. We all come to stories with two basic questions: Who do I care about? And What do they care about? As long as our hero, or heroine, cares deeply about something (i.e. is obsessed), and as long as they're willing to tell us their own twisted version of the truth, we'll come along for the ride.

But look: our best art implicates us. It induces us to experience the intensity of feeling that is absent from the rest of our lives. It unleashes the closet obsessive in all of us.

I used to spend hours trying to explain this to my students at Boston College, who were forever confusing emotional evasion with literary restraint. To the stubborn ones, I often issued an order that I received years ago, from an elderly writer who had suffered my own wretched early burps of prose. The only thing that matters is the thing you can't stop thinking about, he told me. Dress it up how ever you like, son, but tell me the goddamn truth.

--Steve Almond

Pocket program's up!

haikujaguar mutated it, ysabetwordsmith summed it up:
Micah says: I see that there's a meme going round now that starts: "You know you're reading my stories/my work/one of my books when..." followed by a list of attributes the author thinks crop up in his or her own work often enough to characterize it.

Ysabet says: Only instead of describing her own work, she's asking other people to do it for her. That version is much more interesting to me than describing it myself, so I'd like you folks to fill in the blank for me.

I say: Do me, do me!

Daily Science
How we decide how fast music should be played.

No Daily BPAL, because my nose is utterly clogged.

My brain's more together today, so I b'lieve I can write the epilogue to Fortune. People who sponsored in November, you're grandfathered in, too - just let me know if you want it! Don't want to spam the lot of you.

That's pretty much it. That, and sit down and seriously plan out what I can do with Shayara now that I have the help I've been needing. Drupal opens up new avenues.

(Also, drinking lots of tea + honey.)
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