Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Hello to new readers irisl and pierceheart!

Slept fitfully thanks to snot goblins pounding at my sinuses and dripping out my nose. Awoke to full-body pain and a snot-goblin colony in my throat. Orange mucus blobs. In my throat. Ew ew ew!

So yeah, I'm not going to Diesel tonight. Can barely walk.

Is home sick too, though not with this - she just didn't sleep well and had some gastrointestinal distress. Gojirawitz Girls are takin' it easy today.

iPod War
rafaela and I tied for first! :) My playlist
1. Jon and Al Kaplan, "Are You About a Size 14? - Buffalo Bill", Silence! The Musical
2. The Hippos, "Wasting My Life", Heads Are Gonna Roll
3. Dropkick Murphys, "The Gauntlet", Punk-O-Rama 6
4. Lunatic Calm, "Leave You Far Behind", The Matrix
5. Everclear, "Ataraxia", So Much For the Afterglow
6. Oingo Boingo, "Wild Sex (In the Working Class)", 1995 - Farewell
7. Reel Big Fish, "Kiss Me Deadly", Metalliska
8. Jonathan Coulton, "Skullcrusher Mountain", Thing a Week
9. Julie Brown, "Girl Fight Tonight!", Trapped in the Body of a White Girl
10. Violent Femmes, "Please Do Not Go", Violent Femmes

Daily Science
Since childhood Dr. Robert Lang has practiced origami. It was the convergence of his intensely creative mind and this ancient Japanese tradition that gave rise to his unique style of origami, which he developed into a renewed art and ultimately a science of practical application.

His intricate paper insect creations were a departure from the standard boats and cranes that have long been the tradition of origami. Over time his works grew more complex, featuring hundreds of folds and multiple pieces of paper, such as a full-scale cuckoo clock. Between his efforts to earn a PhD in applied physics, his job at NASA's Jet Propulsion laboratory, his eighty technical papers, and his forty-six patents in optoelectronics and lasers, he somehow found time to implement and evolve a number of original origami designs.

The practicality of his scientific research began to influence his origami designs, until the line between the two began to blur. He participated in a project at EASi Engineering to develop complicated crease patterns for airbag folding designs. Lang also worked to design a mesh wire heart support to be folded and implanted in congestive heart failure patients; once inside, it would expand, protecting the heart. His most ambitious project to date, however, is shared with a team at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with whom he has developed a space telescope – one that is forty times larger than the Hubble and collapsible for space travel through a series of precise origami folds.

Sleep and reading.
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