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In other news...

* Woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and stuffed head, so I stayed home, did a bit of organization-f00, and slept most of the afternoon (which is why I was up til midnight watching Skidoo). Woke up this morning with the kind of cough that rips the lining from your lungs and throat. *whimper* Ow.

* Chances are good that we'll get to use my aunt's condo this summer, whether she's there or in Pennsylvania. Score.

* Tomorrow is the last card, the last piece of this Wind Tunnel Dream. I am thinking, however, of doing a bonus chapter for sponsors only.

* Socially... I have a few spare cycles, but must reserve them for Getting Shit Done. So hopefully I'll be hanging out with webgeeks mirrored_echo and/or excursively this week, as I need to get the WTD site and my personal site up pre-Arisia. And I need to meet with ian_gunn to plan our Hands-On Science for Kids panels. Reminder - I will be at the Fetish Flea, rooming with felisdemens and we_happy_few; that may be your sole chance to see me pre-Arisia, if this cold doesn't clear up by Tuesday.

* I have not reviewed BPAL in a bit, so my desk is overflowing with imps. Oy! Quick Sunday reviews:
BLOOD PHOENIX: Blood: expressing passion, will, and a sensual aesthetic.
Dragon's blood resin, helichrysum, burgundy wine grape, red musk, opoponax, red poppy, myrrh, carnation, tonka, almond, mimosa, jonquil, and neroli.

In bottle: Sweet fruity who! It's all about that wine grape.
On me: Still mostly wine, but ah! there's the musk. Sweetness. Lush fruitiness. I totally want to bite my wrist.

GREEN PHOENIX: Green, for growth, expansion, prosperity, and stability.
Sage, white mint, grey amber, papaya pulp, crushed grass, cucumber, green musk, green tea, and lime rind.

In bottle: Mmmm, sage. And muted amber and grass.
On me: Stamped-down grass and crushed sage. The tiniest bit of fresh cucumber.

MECHANICAL PHOENIX: A mechanical construct: illustrating strong work ethic, determination, creativity, and innovation.
Copper gears, brass cogs, fused wiring, scorched iron, and motor oil.

In bottle: Holy crap,it's a metal shop.
On me: SRSLY. Hot metal. Hells yeah.

WHITE PHOENIX: White, for acting in good conscience and doing our best to give back to the community.
Frangipani, magnolia, cotton flower, osmanthus, crystal musk, ambrette, white orchid, sugar cane, davana, white sandalwood, petitgrain, lavender, and lotus root.

In bottle: ... something offends my nose. ...this is very perfumey.
On me: Whiff of sugarcane, whiff of lavendar, and OH HAI MAGNOLIA. Damn.
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