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My parents are driving me crazy.

As always, yes.

Yesterday, it was me vs. Dad's GPS. Comedy gold. Today:

Mom, on phone: "Does Elayna know to come out the same door?"
Me: "Presumably."
Mom: "Well, we're parked here, and I don't think we're supposed to be parked here. It's just buses. No kids."
Me: "They don't get out until 2:10."
Mom: "But does she know we'll be at this door?"
Me: "I hope so."
Mom: "You don't know?"
Me, for the fiftieth time since we started talking about her picking Elayna up from school: "I'm not awake in the mornings. I assume Adam reminded her."
Mom: "But you don't know."
Me: "I. Wasn't. Awake. I don't see her in the mornings. Why don't you call her at 2:10?"
Mom: "Does she have her phone on?"
Me: "I have no way of knowing that. I know she has it, though, because it's no longer plugged in over here."

Just... call Adam to ask if he reminded her. Call Elayna directly. Why call me? I'm the one person here who is absolutely guaranteed to have no information on this matter.
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