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February 7. The day February's WTD story concludes.

* Because stories twist as I'm writing them, and I want Katrina's finished before I start posting it, so if I need to fiddle with the early bits, I can. (If you need a character to use a gun in Act 2, make sure it's in place in Act 1.)

* Because when I set out to do it this way, I did so figuring that a bare-bones thing was all I could do at this point, and it's not.

* Because I need time to write Shayara when I'm not writing WTD. I get to a point where I've been in front of the computer for too damn long. My brain gets fried. Shayara backend stuff fries it quickly. I've said that managing my body's issues is a full-time job and writing is a full-time job; writing multiple things and trying to bend my brain around website construction shoves me into overload. I can't do good work in overload mode.

So. Fortune runs through 1/7, also the first day my parents will be gone and therefore really my first day since early December that I don't have people around, that I can go back to my routine. I need to start doing yoga again, and I need to hold to my scheduled writing time and website-construction time, and get the hell away from my computer between. I need to sit calmly and look at what needs to be done and delegate to the people who have requested tasks. And then - punctuated by cons on the weekends - then I can hopefully get into a routine and get the story out.
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