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Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Now, the Girl Scouts say that you cannot sell cookies online. By which they mean you can't set up a website and sell cookies through it. But. Can you notify people via online means that they can buy cookies from your daughter?

Yes. Yes, you can.

So hello, dear friends - please be aware that it is Girl Scout Cookie Time, and that Elayna is your local hookup.

(Locals, I'm aware the sunspiral's daughter was your hookup - but she's in college now and is no longer selling cookies. Elayna will gladly take T.'s customers!)

Cookie info here! We've got all of the old favorites - Thin Mints, Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties), Samoas (Caramel DeLites), Do-Si-Dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches), Trefoils (Shortbread), Thanks-a-Lots, Lemonades - and new cookie CinnaSpins, which comes in convenient 100-calorie packs! $4.00 a box.

"Help my Girl Scout Troop raise money to do cool stuff!"

Elayna will be taking cookie orders through January 28. Cookies will be delivered February 25-29, so you can pick them up at my birthday party if you like, or we can bring them to Diesel. Money is due upon receipt - don't PayPal her until she invoices you! We will mail cookies within reason - like if a bunch of Atlantans want them, I can mail them to a designated person, who can distribute them. I am not mailing 40+ packages,like I did in years past. We lose money on shipping every year.

Cookie money funds awesome troop activities like last year's Museum of Science Camp-In and computer and jewelry workshops and camping and many more. And unlike most fundraisers, a significant portion of cookie sales go directly to the troop.

How do you order, you ask? Simple.

E-mail your cookie order to elayna AT today!

Not me. Elayna. This post, and the nudges that'll follow, are all I'm doing; Elayna will be handling the rest herself. She's a Cadette/Teen Girl Scout now, after all! So e-mail your order to elayna AT, and she'll reply to confirm when she gets home from school. :)

Thank you for supporting the Girl Scouts!

Thus endeth the notification.
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