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Thor's Day

Okay, false alarm; I slept 9 hours last night. *stretch* The weather, however, is No Good for pain levels...

Getting back to normal
Elayna's back! Adam's back to work! The box of $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts should arrive today! I actually had writing time yesterday! Things are getting back to normal.

Except that my parents are here. *makes face* But only through Sunday.

Spent yesterday fiddling about with the website and forum, and loading big chunks of the primer into the website. I'm starting to see how I can make this work, and I'm wondering if I should (only slightly) postpone launch til I can get everything just how I want it rather than settling with it As Is and working on it later. I was telling Adam last night (while twitching from overwork) that once Our Story Begins, the workload will be a lot less, because I won't be jumping all over the place organizing art and doing webstuff... it'll just be a matter of posting art + story. That would also let me build up a backlog - have Katrina's story finished before I start posting it. And give me a chance to meet face-to-face with jasra so I can poiint to things and say "I want that to do this with the clicky", which doesn't come across quite as well in IM. Plus I'm messing up my wrists with all of this IMing.

I have momentum now, of course. But it would be good to have breathing room. Debut it on February 8, if it's ready? Or go for March 3, day after my birthday?

Anyway, basically, it's going really well. :)

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thanks, Amanda, Sean, and microwench!

I hope that y'all are enjoying the WTD story; I initially didn't want to open with this open, because bits of it are a hell of a downer. But this is the one that kept pounding on the door. We shall be cheerier next month, perhaps.

Money Sucks
So I'm making a list of all of the things I need to do in 2008 that require money, so I can make WTD fundraising goals. Hotel for Arisia and Boskone, getting my car registered... I need the money to fly to GA to file the lawsuit against my landlady, which should bring in a bit over $5K.

And the big thing, of course, is the Children's School of Science, this summer - and rent in Woods Hole or Falmouth, if my aunt sells her condo before then.

And the train trip afterward.

Other goals for January include writing enough of the jewel-queens' daughters' story to pitch it. Ditto Seizure Lass, though that just needs editing, not writing. Because Wind Tunnel Dreams is my sole income stream, and there needs to be more.

And yesterday was a perfect example of Why 'Song Can't Work a Regular Job; I required a three-hour nap in the middle of the day, with corresponding foggy thinking before and after, and there were bits of the day where I was hobbling rather than walking. I have great days, days where I'm Almost Normal. And then I have days like yesterday. And not many people will hire someone if they have no assurance that the employee will be functional on any given day.

(And I wanted to go to ALA with Gwyn, but that's $76 each way. :( )

Daily Science
A planet has been found within a disc of dust and gas around a young star for the first time, a new study reports. The research confirms predictions that planets can coalesce within 10 million years, but it does not settle the debate over just how that formation proceeds.

Daily BPAL
Need to have a big sale. I just hate packing everything up and addressing envelopes and schlepping it all to the post office. But. Mini-sale:

Crypt Queen (full bottle): $50
Raspberry SN (half-full decant): $15

* Wind Tunnel Dreams
* Shayara
* Lunch and shopping with parents.
* Parents. Parents. Parents. Aagh.
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