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*rubs eyes*

See, I thought the hard part would be in concisely telling the history of millennia of a very different people.

No. that's not the hard part.

The hard part is telling all of that through the lens of someone else's experience. I don't just have to tell what happened. I have to tell what Alexander thinks happened, and not a bit more.

So yah. Exposition-dump, and my pre-readers will tell me if it works, and if it has, I'll move on. Also, I introduced Edward - the Kithrayn of House Lhri'nahr before Ryan - and had a mention of Margaret, Donna's grandmother.

Which is another difficulty. Donna and Kristian (the elders, in the main storyline) and Joshua (many years dead in the main storyline - the Kithrayn of House Narsan before Kieran) are kids here. House Bartomn is in mild disarray because their last Kithrayn died and they don't have a new one yet. Matthew's in charge of the Council, so much as anyone is, and Janos, who's a deeply creepy old guy in the main storyline, is his apprentice.

I actually think this kinda works for me here. My disorientation mirrors Katrina's. Hm.
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