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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to pnh and regyt!

...'k. I was hoping it was just a being-out-of-my-own-bed-on-vacation thing. It isn't.

My sleep meds are losing efficacy. And I'm sliding from just not-sleeping-well to genuine sleep dep. I'm on 3mg of Lunesta and 1500 mg of Robaxin. I should not be waking up in a sweat after only four hours.

*adds "call rheumatologist" to to-do list*

Also, have been sick to my stomach for a few days. Yesterday it was vicious, but there was an emotional-stressor component to it. (No, I'm not pregnant.) Have been having stress-pain, but the deep-muscle-aches are at a minimum.

All of this is to be expected, as I am launching Shayara next freaking week and today's going to be the only day I've had alone to write since midDecember.

Today: Must write bios for this arc's four main characters and minibios for a few others and toss 'em at jasra; then must finish telling the story Alexander - the future Telenias - is telling Katrina so I can get her introduced to the Council.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
The January 2008 project, "Fortune", started yesterday. Please like it. :)

My concrete financial goal = $165, to legally change my name. That's waited long enough. If I hit that, I'll start building toward planefare to get to Atlanta to file the lawsuit against my former landlady. Either way, this is the year of Getting Shit Done, and a lot of the shit is expensive and I've had no income, is why it's waited so long.

Days of Horror
Did you know that my husband writes, too? He does. And for 2008, he's reviving his well-loved snarky-horror-movie-reviewing project. Click over and check out Days of Horror; friend him, and watch that tag!

Readers, Writers, Editors, Librarians, look here!
Tamora Pierce says: After the World Fantasy Convention, my friend Julie Holderman and I got to talking about issues with the writers of young adult (teen) and kid (children's) fantasy and science fiction at conventions. To make a long story short (you can read our thought process in the initial post), we decided it would be a grand thing if we could pull together the talent and funding to organize a convention for the fans and creators of teen and kid fantasy and science fiction.

Join ya_fsf_con!

Oooh, this looks like fun.
In the comfort of these rooms, you can write a computer program. You can talk about the meaning of life. You can just sit there quietly, reading.
The only real expectation at Saturday House, a weekly gathering in Sodo, is "background friendliness." And even that bar is set pretty low.
"If someone asks you what you're reading, you can't glare," said Lion Kimbro, 30, a software engineer and one of the founders.
For the past several months, a group of self-described geeks has gathered weekly to re-create the feeling of kindergarten, where everyone has a project and stays for the day, learning in a free-form kind of way.

Daily Science
Interactive flash physics.

* Wind Tunnel Dreams
* Exercise
* Call lawyer
* Shayara until my parents get here.

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