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Why I should not be allowed to IM with slipjig unchecked

Early date grab:

February 29 - March 2 is ShadesongCon. A three-day birthday party.

Friday night: Full-on Roman bacchanalia, minus the vomitorium. Dress appropriately, and come prepared to debate philosophy, declaim poetry, sing, and leer at the serving-girls and serving-boys. Menu will be traditional, as researched by lightcastle. Applications to be a serving-girl or serving-boy should be directed to shadesong AT

Saturday: Convene at my house at 9 AM for a slipjig-organized citywide scavenger hunt!
slipjig sez: "Boston-area players needed: THE FIRST ANNUAL 'SONGCON SCAVENGER HUNT! A one-day event throughout the city and its surroundings, looking for...well, whatever we tell you to look for. Teams of two to four requested; must have at least one digital camera. Own transportation helpful, but not necessary (T-access available). Prizes! Fun! Stories to tell the grandkids! Hold onto those random knickknacks, and leave your dignity at the door!"

Saturday night: Pajama potluck, gaming, and bedtime stories.

Sunday: I have no idea yet. Anyone got programming ideas?
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