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2008 Projects

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Is an experiment in cyberfunded creativity; in 2008, it will occasionally be in the form of a short story in seven parts posted daily over the first week of the month, and occasionally be short-short stories based on your prompts. Several of you expressed an interest in doing art based on them; I'd love to see it, and will put it up on the site. :) (Add Wind Tunnel Dreams as an LJ interest, read the stories, and join windtunneldream!)

Is an urban fantasy illuminated manuscript (as it's not 100% illustrated, I don't know that you can call it a webcomic). It is in process, and will resume posting when I have a decent backlog. Stay tuned! Look for a bunch of goodies scattered around the site as the story progresses. (Add Shayara as an LJ interest, read Shayara posts, and join shayara!)

Offline Writing
Places You Haunt is my Las Vegas Tam Lin - read the early version at placesyouhaunt!
Seizure Lass is a book about anti-seizure medications, a medical memoir.

Story-and-jewelry collaborations with kythryne (Wyrding Studios) (this happened September 2008) and sihaya09!
Story-and-mask collaboration with ioianthe (in October 2008)!
Minicomic with charitypomaybo - Winter 2008!
Shayara jewelry with upstart_crow and azhure!
Shayara soundtrack with s00j and lrstrobel!

If you want to contribute art to any project, or have an idea for a collaboration, e-mail me at shadesong AT!

Stuff you can read now!
* "Wool and Silk and Wood" in Electric Velocipede #15/16, November 2008
* "Unruly Harvest" in Polu Texni, December 2008

Upcoming in Dead-Tree or Pixel Format
* "The Angel of Fremont Street" in ChiZine, January 2009
* "When Her Eyes Open" in Lone Star Stories, February 2009
* "Twelve" in Cabinet Des Fees, March 2009
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