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Happy birthday to fortunavirilis!

Hello to new readers shaeberry, befers, dsgood, ellenmillion, jimhines, and sorchawench!

Feeling oogy. Pain isn't so bad, but nausea is. :(

I spent all of yesterday working hard on behind-the-scenes tech stuff for Shayara and a few other things. As I complained to Adam, "Everything I did today was work...and felt like it!" Good news is, I got about a week's worth of stuff done, and... I can do this Shayara thing on time, I think. What looked insurmountable last week is now kinda mountable.

Mangrove Nymph!
For those who loved the mangrove nymph story (prompt: sea-dreams), and those who loved haikujaguar's stunning painting of her: prints are available! $10 unmatted/$20 matted. Limited time only, as she's on a borrowed printer; hopefully this sale will help her get a new one! :)

Pretty Trees!
Yet another gifted friend of mine has turned her hand to art, and here is her Etsy shop! She specializes in wire-and-bead trees pendants, but there's a gorgeous non-tree pendant there, and check out that princess collar. Make sure to click through to read about the pieces. Add sihayastudio to keep up with her experimentation!

A bit of beauty
Leonard Cohen, "A Thousand Kisses Deep".

Daily Science
Scientific American's Top 25 Science Stories of 2007.

I'll be a bit posty here today - just putting 2007 to bed and getting 2008 set up.
* Books read in 2007 breakdown
* 2008 projects

And quite a bit about my birthfamily...
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