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*deep breath*

*deep breath*
No more NYARGH today.
No more wanting to throw my computer across the room.
It is okay.
*deep breath*

See, all I want to do is write. Specifically, with Shayara, I want to write, have someone draw, and then post it for you, the reader.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

What's driving me nuts is the backend stuff. Fucking around with WordPress installation and font sizing and widgets and all of this shit that I Don't Do. Well, it's all got to get done. So. Hours of uploading and, and, and... stuff.

And what's deeply wrong with that picture is that stress flares the fibro.

So every time anything does not work, the pain in my back intensifies.

I cannot spend my day on this, like this. I am setting it all the hell aside. At least now I'm *very* clear on what I need, and I might be getting help to *do* it. I'm just.... trying to master something foreign to me, while I'm trying to get a bunch of writing done on deadline, revise the Wind Tunnel Dreams, figure out what I'm going to be doing for January's Wind Tunnel Dream (single story in seven parts, or seven individual characters, or what?), get settled back in here post-vacation, et cetera...

Wind Tunnel Dreams starting on Tuesday will be such a relief. No tech stuff. Just me writing, you hopefully sponsoring, and if anyone wants to make or draw anything inspired by WTD, they can get it to me whenever.

(Must give props to haikujaguar, charitypomaybo, and thedigitalkuri for being awesome go-to girls, kickass art chicks. You'll see.)

'k. No more tech stuff for today.
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