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Shayara nattering

I have ribbons for dividing text blocks; I have finished art of the Telenias, and have Stephen and (hopefully? guys?) Katrina and Janos in progress. The castle's in progress. siliconshaman, e-mail me about those street scenes?

I need to get the website set up this week if I want to launch it on the 8th. Need help on that quite urgently. Any local webgeeks available? If you're T-accessible, I can come to you...

And, y'know. Need to write more.

Needed for the next wave: art of young Jessa, young Fenris, Jason, Marcus, and a few members of the Talthar Kithrayna. Setting: the Sanctuary. Jessa's-art borders assigned. Will need more ribbons. Deadline on that, 1/31.

Needed for the site as Our Story Really Begins - oh, a lot. Deadline on that is 2/29. Prioritize the first two waves, unless you really want to do a modern-day character or a building.
Tags: shayara, shayara.webcomic
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