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People who sleep at my house will be very relieved to know that I have a kickass sturdy new airbed.

People who have to listen to me bitch about needing a massage will be relieved to know that I am having one Friday. :)

Other gifts included Snakes on a Plane, which we will watch on the plane because we're meta like that, many awesome books, the Housewives' Tarot, coffee and tea... Elayna's big Santa gift was a Razor scooter, but she's more into the cheap fluffy scarf I picked up at CVS at the last minute. Because it looks like she skinned a Muppet. She got tons of art supplies and two "how to draw manga" books/kits, Ratatouille, the new Fruits Basket, clothes... I'm not in the gift room. She squeed over her stuffed ninja, her snowflake earrings, and the color-change bracelet sihaya09 made... she's now teaching the boys how to use their new Wii.

So sleepy.

I am wearing pajamas with donuts on them. I have eaten donuts. There is symmetry.
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