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Woke up at 7, just in time to go on a five-hour shopping spree with my birthmom and aunt (various cousins are getting Jimmy Buffet CDs (yes, they actually want them), HeroScape, Fluxx, and percussion instruments (oh, their dad is gonna love me)). I went mostly to guide my birthmom... she'd bought the iPod from Elayna's wishlist. My parents had purchased it in-store. I'm going to start forbidding my parents to shop in-store for wishlist items, I swear. So Elayna's new big Santa gift is a Razor scooter.

Fell asleep promptly upon my return, to no one's surprise.

A note, though. Last year, I was doing three-hour naps every day, and I lacked the stamina to go to the grocery store, let alone the mall.

I'm getting better.

I may never be 100%. But I am visibly, tangibly, getting better.

Italian food for dinner; after that, we listened to s00j music ("That's my new friend singing," my aunt proclaimed, blissed out) and sniffed BPAL. Yep. This is where I came from, genetically speaking.

Note for new readers: I was adopted as a baby; my birthmom found me 9 years ago, and I've been coming down to north Florida to spend Christmas with her and her family ever since. I can has birthfamily!

Aaaand I've been exhausted since dinner (ravioli coma!), and am just waiting for Elayna to finish showering... I will go to bed soon as she does.
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