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Evening Miscellany

I have reached the stage in everything I'm doing where I need to wait for other people to do things before I can do anything else. I'm not good at waiting. So instead of pacing, I am talking to LiveJournal. Hello, LiveJournal.

* Trip: I'm packing random stuff that I won't need tomorrow, but can't pack clothes because laundry needs to happen. I need to call morenasangre, but can't til Adam gets off the phone. He's getting us a room at the Disney All-Star Pop Century Resort. Because the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where morenasangre and farren are staying, would be $800 for two nights. o.O For $400 a night, they need to give me call girls, a massage, and a pony.

* Wind Tunnel Dreams: Is with layout goddess. That, I am at peace about.

* Shayara: Half the character portraits are assigned, and the ribbony bits and castle are assigned. (And Jessa's art for the borders of her story.) I am waiting on other artists and webdude.

Megahappy thing (besides WTD and people doing character portraits and stuff) - a very talented artist wants to do a minicomic with me once the ball's rolling on Shayara. Yay! I get to write comics again!

And I'm happy with how Katrina's story is coming... I think I'm managing to slip into her skin. One day in, and I'm already learning new stuff about her...
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