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So I was hoping to launch Shayara on January 1, and that's not to be; a combination of factors (not being able to use my computer in the car on the Orphan's Tales roadtrip, Adam's coccyx injury keeping home and constantly around) has resulted in me having pretty much no writing time this month. My idea had been to write Katrina's story in the first half of the month and hand it off to haikujaguar for spot illustrations, giving her half a month to draw.

It's December 18, and I only have the very beginning of her story on paper.

*bangs head against wall*

So. Barring a miracle, I ain't launching on January 1. Honestly, if I buckle down and bust my ass (and get to write on the plane), I can have Katrina's story done by the end of the week, but haikujaguar needs time.

And monies. The Shayara project threatens to be Big for her, and she generally gets paid for Big projects. As it should be.

So I'm going to float some ideas here. This post is a dialogue with Shayara sponsors and with fans in general. I want to know what you want.

* haikujaguar suggested this question: "How illustrated is illustrated enough?" This is no longer a webcomic, not since Mouse scarpered. My ideal for this project at this point is little clip-art style scenes I can put on the corners of the pages (basic settings, like Tyka's coffeehouse or the Library), "ribbons" I can use to separate scenes and break up the blocks of text, and spot illustrations; I also want "snapshots" of the characters for their bio pages. I hope that's enough for y'all, as that's probably the upper limit of what I can get.

* Would anyone be willing to sponsor illustrations? If you've already sponsored during our earlier drive, do you want that money to go toward illustrations? (haikujaguar, you said something about selling originals?)

* Would any artists be willing to contribute art? Settings, "ribbons", character pics, anything?

This story is getting out in 2008, come hell or high water. It would be very good for me psychologically, given the crap of this last year, if I could launch it on January 1. That's not going to happen without some community support artwise at this point. I ain't too proud to beg.

Characters: For this arc: Katrina, Stephen, Telenias, Janos - all in their late teens and early 20s. Next arc: young and older Jessamyn, young Fenris, Jason, Marcus, many of the present-day Talthar Kithrayna.
Interiors: Tyka's coffeehouse, the Library, Kelly's Ephemera (standard junkshop)... more later.
Random: Those "ribbons". They can have Dasaroi themes in them or not. The House colors of the three most prominent characters in this arc are green (Katrina and Stephen) and gold (Telenias); next arc, green (Jessa), blue (Fenris), and red (Marcus).
Buildings: Everything but the post office. Seriously.
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