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Picture of the Day

I'm printing a very limited run of Wind Tunnel Dreams chapbooks - just for my birthfamily, for Christmas. This isn't the one you guys want - you want the one with the expanded versions of many of the stories, and I'm working on that. Art inspired by the stories is very welcome!

But for this one, is no time to expand, no time to assemble a bunch of illustrations. I begged haikujaguar for a cover - just a quick black and white sketch, something so the cover isn't just stark text.

She sent me this.

"It's not a cover," she says, because it only represents one of the stories. In the interest of not driving her crazy (this needs to go to the chapbook-designing hands of felician_logic ASAP), I've persuaded her to let this be the cover for my family's edition, and she can do a cover more representative of the project as a whole when she has time and energy.

Also? This is stunning. Yes. That is the mangrove dryad that dreamed of the sea...

And she whipped this out in an hour and a half. *falls over*

The Wind Tunnel Dreams project is an experiment in cyber-funded creativity, as ysabetwordsmith calls it. I've been putting my PayPal button up with the stories.

Only fair that the artists get paid as well! So here:

Please give haikujaguar magic coffee money! She so deserves it... *hug*
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