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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to perldiver!

Hello to new readers gramina and the_gwenzilliad!

Actually doing pretty okay. *crosses fingers*

Travel Notice
I will be in Florida December 20-29; internet will be accessible, but this is the family I actually like hanging out with, and I only get to see them once a year. So I won't be on much. :)

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Some surprises on the Wind Tunnel Dreams extension poll! I knew y'all loved the jewel-queens, but I didn't know that that many of you loved the muses. That one is part of a larger setting - cyberpunk mythology - but when I write it for Wind Tunnel Dreams, I'll just be writing the muses. For more than a week, because Polyhymnia deserves her own storybit, not just the glimpse in Terpsichore's.

There are those who want more Tam Lin. In conversation with feste_sylvain last night: "I can make them regret that." *evil grin*

I probably won't do the jewel-queens first - because I'm thinking their daughters want a whole YA novel to play in.

feste_sylvain is surprised that there aren't more fans of the Carnival... a tour of the sideshow. I promise that, when I write it, you will see the Ringmaster in the pit with the snakes.

Anyway. Do take a look at all of the stories and tell me what favorites of yours I've missed! I know there are fans of "faceted crystal", but that's not really extendable. The "Mayan ruins at the bottom of Loch Ness" one is, though; I hadn't thought it had as many fans as it apparently does!

Link Soup
* Good fibro article.
* NSFW! Anthony Bourdain. And a bone.
* "ROUSes? I don't believe they exist."

Daily Science
Physicists perform the first ever quantum calculation
University of Queensland researchers are part of an international team to have made the first ever execution of a quantum calculation, a major step towards building the first quantum computers.
Professor Andrew White, from UQ's Centre for Quantum Computer Technology together with colleagues from the University of Toronto in Canada, said by manipulating quantum mechanically entangled photons – the fundamental particles of light – the prime factors of the number 15 were calculated.

Daily BPAL

Mad Kate: Honeycomb, red currant, freesia, vanilla, rose geranium, thyme, and gardenia.
In bottle: The honeycomb is drowning in flowers...
On me: Mmmm, that's better. Honey-currant-thyme!

Parsifal: Paperwhite narcissus, petitgrain, rosemary, cyclamen, and ozone accord.
In bottle: A very soft ozone.
On me: Pale floral ozone.

Peacocks: Asian pear, white musk, bamboo pulp, violet, ambergris, sugar cane, night-blooming jasmine, plum, freesia, and moss.
In bottle: OOOh. So sweet!
On me: Delicious - sugarcane tempered by bamboo. Plum and pear! Moss! Very springtime-in-the-garden. Elayna will *love* this!

Rozpustnica: Blue and white musks, moonflower, rose, magnolia, lemon verbena, and lychee.
In bottle: Something smells like butt.
On me: Something smells like butt and lemon pledge.

Adam's back in the office today - I can has writing time!
Expect posts on the future of Wind Tunnel Dreams and Shayara, too.
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