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Happy birthday to cislyn!

Happy early birthday to beetiger,who advances a year over the weekend!

And what have we learned today, class?
1. That it takes at least two days for my arms to be functional after what I put them through Wednesday night.
2. That I should *always* take an emergency supply of my meds with me, no matter how early in the day I'm leaving my house.
2a. That Lyrica withdrawal still sucks.
2b. That I am still unable to sleep without the Robaxin and Lunesta.

On the bright side, I'm not in full-body flare. Which means that Wednesday night wasn't stupid, it was just ill-advised in my current deconditioned state. The only parts of me that are screaming are the ones that directly underwent eXtreme strain.

Dear citizens of Watertown
Shovel your fucking sidewalks.

(Yes, I'm home. After wading in knee-high snowdrifts. So now my legs hurt, too.)

Sleep now.
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