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Shadesong Explains It All

Have I offended you?
No. The answer to this question is almost invariably no; if you've offended me, you'll know it! I'm not shy about that.
I have just been insanely busy and haven't really been commenting or replying to comments. :(

If you could fix just one thing, what would it be?

Where are my pants?
The kittens stole them. I think they're working with the dogs.

If you could have any job except the one you have, what would it be?
My job right now is unpaid writer, so I'd go for paid writer. :) I'm happy with what I'm doing. I'd just like to be making money at it. (Which means submitting things, which I'll be doing this week.)

Who is your pick for president 2008?
I'm bad - I haven't been keeping up with politics at all. Anybody but Bush.

Did you still want to share a room for the Flea? Cause we just booked.
That would be awesome - I keep forgetting to book a room for that!

Do you dream in Shayara?
I only rarely dream, now that I'm on all the knockout drugs... but Shayara originally rose from a serial dream I started having when I was around Elayna's age. (And I recognized you! It was just that there were over a dozen people there that I knew, and I was working, and argh.)

Do you feel like you've settled at a weight that is appropriate and healthy for you?
No. I weigh a little more than I ought to; hopefully, regular exercise will help with that.

Favorite cookie?
Pumpkin chocolate chip or molasses ginger.

What's your advice for someone newly diagnosed with fibro?
Get a doctor you like, who listens, who you feel comfortable with. Find a method of low-impact exercise that works for you. Slow down; get your rest. Connect with other people who have fibro to get tips from them! This is actually something I need to write a much bigger post about...

Do you think young ladies who tease and tempt honest gentlemen deserve everything they get?
If that gentleman is you? Oh, yes. ;)

Man, are we ever gonna get to hang out? :)
Dude. Whenever you want. :)

And now I go back to trying to figure out what to call this one...

Feel free to keep asking/telling!
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