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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to m0usegrrl, quiet_elegance, and tim_pratt!

Actually feeling pretty good... just the deep muscle aches, the ones that never go away. *stretch* Have been good about using the Gazelle.

Winter Concert
Elayna did such a great job, and clearly had so much fun doing it... she was bouncing in her seat during the calypso-y "Jamaica Jack", and later said she had to struggle not to smile, as smiling kinda makes playing the flute a bit difficult. She also did something called "Overlords", which one of the kids said sounded "like something out of Space Invaders"- I can see why it's one of Elayna's favorites. Lots of bombast! My daughter likes the beautiful serene trilling pieces, but she also loves to rock out. Other songs included a pretty West Side Story medley and a swingin'-40s Christmas song. (I have to say, I like the variety we get in the winter concerts... that, the combined orchestra's "Hallelujah Chorus", and the chorus's "Pie Jesu" were the only Jesusy/Christmasy songs, and the rest of the program included Yiddish and African folk songs from the chorus, and Solstice and Native American traditional songs from strings.) Very proud of my girl for sticking with the flute.

Today's talk is with teenagers... a peer counseling program. So The Rape Speech is going to be less detail-heavy.

I fight crime, y0.

Restaurant Advice
Thanks, guys! Bella Luna is actually no more than a few blocks from where I'll be, so I'll hit that for dinner and try to find a coffeehouse to sit and read til my later activity.

Oh, no...
Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers.

Daily Science
Top 10 scientific discoveries of 2007.

Daily BPAL
I need to do another big sale... for starters, anyone want to make me an offer on Crypt Queen? Super-LE, tested twice. All proceeds will go to paying for stuff from the Orphan's Tales auction, so in a way, your purchase benefits the Interstitial Arts Foundation...

I really need to cut my spending, and fragrance seems like an easy place to do so. I need to stop jumping into decant circles and saying "one of everything!" I have a bunch that I'm waiting for, but after that, I shall have to stop for a while. Like, until I have a solid income stream.

I'll also be going through my imp piles and weeding ruthlessly. *nod* Help would be good for that - someone to sit there and say "Will you ever wear that one? Really?"

That said, I got the retail-only Salon decants yesterday, so let's review some.

Autumn, Lucien Levy-Dhurmer: Dry leaves, osmanthus, sandalwood, and rose absolute.
In bottle: Pure rose and crunchy leaves; a lingering sweetness.
On me: Osmanthus swallows all.Nice, but not me.

The Black Swan, William Degouve de Nuncques.: Water lily, peony, seaweed absolute, lotus, Spanish moss, violet leaf, and marine accord.
In bottle: The seaweed pops, followed by moss and light florals.
On me: Moss, light floral, and water. Pretty!

El Amor Y La Muerte, Francisco Goya: Maluku clove, Mysore sandalwood, opoponax, labdanum, orris and sweet briar rose.
In bottle: Omigosh clove. *happy whimper* Labdanum backs it up.
On me: Clove. Labdanum. Orris. Spicy, but dry. Yum!

Haloes, Louis Welden Hawkins: Oak, tonka, vanilla, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, white ginger, amber, and apricot.
In bottle: Vanilla/amber.
On me: Vanilla/amber with oak backing it. The other notes merely accent that core.

Gazelle, shower, edit - I've finished my first pass on the paying gig, and will start the second pass after I make a first pass at "The Things We Value" and the first of the Wind Tunnel Dreams stories - finish wrapping and packing-for-mailing the last of the $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts. Then BARCC, dinner, and Something New.
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