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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to jesshartley!

Hello to new reader qotcpcf!

Exhausted, but not too ouchy.

I'd gotten used to having s00j and omnisti around, and am finding their absence difficult. Yep. That's an understatement.

Link Soup
* Okay, this is just creepy.
* Toxic pig brain mist! *shudder*
* Urban guerilla movie house.

Daily Science
When we are trying to understand what someone is saying, we rely a lot on the movement of their face. We pay attention to how their faces move, and that informs our understanding of what is said. The classic example of this is the McGurk effect, where the same sound accompanied by different facial movements gets interpreted differently....Since the McGurk effect, researchers have studied precisely where we look when we watch someone speak, and found that we're not always looking at the mouth. Indeed, we look at speakers' eyes more often. Even more striking, we tend to look disproportionately at the right side of a speaker's face. Why the right side? Several studies have found that the right side of most speakers' faces are more expressive than the left side, so we appear to be focusing on the side of the face that offers the most information.

Hell, maybe a nap. After that, same as yesterday, basically.
Tonight is Elayna's winter concert... she's playing a West Side Story medley!

In conclusion
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