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Happy birthday to doeeyedbunny and eyewrist!

Hello to new reader purplefrog26!

Inching towards okay... upper back pain yesterday.

LJ: The insanity continues
LJ's implemented a block on searching for certain terms. Hmmmm. Hmm, I say. Check it out here.

pbristow has a post telling you which communities to watch for future updates.

Yeah, I know LJ's screwing up. (There'll be a panel on that at Arisia!) But it's my community (that too!), and that's what I'm here for - the community. No other blogging site offers this.

That said, anyone know of a program like LJArchive for the Mac?

Bit of Beauty
Bacterial art!

Link Soup
* Read this. (Thanks for the pointer, samhenderson!)
* A project for the world’s largest sustainable region has been announced and is expected to include all the things that one would expect in a sustainable development: renewable energy, environmentally responsible town planning, micro-banking, education, and biofuels. Where? The ancient city of Cyrene, Libya.
* Time management resources!
* Rug arts by Mark Mothersbaugh. Yes, the guy from Devo.
* 77 design gifts under $77.

Daily Science
Prof. Steve Sawin of Fairfield University rapping about Perelman’s Proof of the Poincaré Conjecture to the tune of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell William’s "Drop it Like it’s Hot."

Was going to go out; will now stay in, as Adam slipped and fell and so I now have a husband-nurturing day. *snuggles Adam*
Must edit pro gig and "The Things We Value" (the jewel-queens' stories) and write a hefty chunk of Katrina's story.
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